My name is Rickard Nilsson and I am the founder of Red Wildlife.

It’s my belief that people are willing to do much more to help save earths wildlife than we currently see. Careers, family, social activities, training and other hobbies take up so much of our time that we just can’t summon enough energy to actually look up the information needed to be able to do what is necessary. I think that if information about what is happening to nature is readily available together with the information about how to stop it people would make more ecologically responsible decisions in their every day life.

When I grew up my father was constantly occupied with the nature around him and he brought me and my brothers along on adventures constantly, hiking, fishing, canoeing, visiting his equally nature adoring friends. He is an Ecologist and has a doctors degree in Long-eared and Tawny Owls. His office at home was filled with research books, dry owl droppings, small mouse skeletons, abandoned wasp nests and stuffed birds and I can still remember the sound of his typewriter and the tang of the the books mixed with dry nature.

All of his actions must have rubbed off for when I was nine I actually saved my allowances for a few months and adopted a piece of rainforest to protect it. I got a diploma and was very proud of myself for taking action.

Now that I’m older I find myself bringing up kids of my own, but the planet I’m bringing them up in is one where it’s estimated that more than one species go extinct every hour! Ten thousand species go extinct each year!

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